Outsourcing Solutions for Endowment Managers

Valor is a leading solutions provider to Endowments. Endowments rely on Valor to outsource mineral and royalty asset management, accounting, and land management so that they can ensure accuracy, security, and optimization of their mineral assets. Valor provides custom tailored solutions to help cut costs, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and provide state of the art management so you can focus on your primary business activities.

Valor is one the strongest mineral management firms in the country. Our strength, size and experience have enabled us to provide not only state of the art technology and services, but also an objective and worthy negotiating partner. We believe it is fundamentally important to have an independent, accountable representative who can effectively deal with sophisticated energy companies.

We do this by providing a full suite of accounting and land management solutions for our clients. Our work and report delivery occur within our proprietary software, mineral.tech®. mineral.tech® is a leading software solution for mineral and royalty management. Allowing you to not only store and organize your mineral information but to gain insight into opportunities to further capitalize on your assets and recover missed revenue and identify un-leased minerals. We offer intelligent reporting and analytics providing real-time insights that our clients desire with their assets. We understand the importance of being able to answer questions quickly and have designed our reporting capabilities to allow clients to be able to access the data to meet their needs anytime from mineral.tech®. Everything within mineral.tech® is exportable (.csv and .pdf) and can be used to provide to other professional service providers.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional to help you with your oil and gas mineral and royalty assets. Why not trust a professional whose full-time job is to make sure your portfolio is optimized, that you know exactly what you own, and that you are being paid correctly for your mineral assets. A comprehensive mineral management strategy coupled with state-of-the-art mineral management software produces top solutions for owners of mineral rights and royalty assets and can save time and money. We can help you receive the financial rewards of oil, gas or mineral ownership without the burden of day-to-day management, administration and keeping up with ever changing technology and information management. Our wide range of customized capabilities includes:

Valor utilizes mineral.tech® to digitally map and manage mineral and royalty assets to their full potential. Our proprietary software allows us to review and analyze mineral-related data by comparing multiple data sources in real-time. mineral.tech® also allows us to monitor production, regulatory and drilling activity with ultimately allows us to proactively manage assets and provide comprehensive reporting. We can also customize reports to our clients' needs.
The mineral.tech® portal allows our clients to access information on their holdings at anytime from anywhere in the world. Information access includes full reporting and an analytics suite that contains the following information: production, lease, permitting and drilling along with other critical data. Valor clients can also safely and securely store their digitized files. Our data experts can digitize, organize, and upload your paper records, providing easy access to your assets' details.
Our mineral and royalty accounting team can provide services that eliminate errors and meet timely reporting requirements. This includes detail revenue check entry of current and past revenue checks to audit for missing payments, 1099 entry and reporting, and quarterly payment review. Additional services we can provide include lease analysis and management, suspended and escheated funds assistance, working interest JIB monitoring and payments, well proposal and AFE analysis, dormant mineral filings, ad valorem tax administration and payment.
Our experienced landmen can verify and update your asset ownership data and provide clarity into complicated royalty ownership. We have subject matter experts that have extensive land experience that includes managing tens of thousands of interests across 30 states. We often help clients discover wells that they did not know about and assist them in getting into pay status. We have also discovered wells that were not included in the original inventory of interests and took action to rectify the issue.
Our industry veterans can leverage established industry relationships to advise and advocate on your behalf for leases, division orders, right-of-way and easement negotiations. Our intent is to create a competitive negotiation environment and leverage senior management experience to achieve the best possible deal for you. We are proactive and work to ensure your mineral rights are leased and being paid correctly.
You can opt to have Valor receive your mail and process Division Orders and revenue checks on your behalf. We have a relationships with multiple banks that enables us to setup an account for your benefit and securely deposit checks. We can take the hassle out of monthly mineral rights management.
Our team has also assisted with special or one-time projects for our clients. For example, we have conducted document digitization projects and provided those files back to the client for their own management.

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