Outsourcing Solutions for Oil and Gas Operators and Investors

Valor provides comprehensive operator outsourcing services, customized to your needs. Our team is composed of oil and gas accounting, land, and technology professionals who leverage decades of experience in the oil and gas industry to enable your success.

Our team acts as an extension of your staff to perform the various daily tasks needed to make your world run smoothly. We provide you with a strategic partnership by offering a more efficient alternative to hiring in-house staff. This approach lets Valor oversee essential, but often time-consuming nuanced tasks, which allows you to focus on more critical elements of your business. Our goal is to save our clients time.

Valor is a leader in oil and gas accounting, bookkeeping, and back-office solutions. Our team combines outstanding industry expertise and relationships to provide the best possible services to oil and gas operators and investors. Our wide range of customized capabilities includes:

Keeping track of financial records and ensuring accurate reporting can be a daunting task. Our dedicated accounting professionals will manage your financial transactions, prepare financial statements, handle tax compliance, and provide you with actionable insights to optimize your financial performance. We provide full service JIB and revenue accounting, AFE accounting, oil and gas bookkeeping, accounts payable and joint interest billing, and financial, operational and production accounting
Running a smooth operation requires efficient back-office functions. Valor offers comprehensive back-office support services, including payroll management, human resources administration, vendor management, and document management. By outsourcing these functions to us, you can streamline your processes and increase productivity.
Our team knows firsthand the complexities of managing oil and gas wells and the owners associated. This is why we have created a dedicated team to oversee all of your essential, but often time-consuming nuanced tasks by handling all owner relations and communication with non-operators. We issue and process division orders and maintain title records and transactions. We maintain owner pay status, validate EINs and research owners that cannot be found. We provide full customer support for any title changes and serve as the division order department for operators and purchasers.
Valor can support our clients in managing their regulatory compliance by providing expertise in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. We stay updated on industry-specific regulations, monitor changes, and ensure that our clients' operations are in line with the latest requirements. Our team has decades of experience in state, federal and tribal reporting and handles all aspects of regulatory reporting, including: production volume reporting, state severance tax reporting, ONRR reporting, state royalty reporting, and escheatment.
Our team is equipped to support oil and gas operators with transactional services such as due diligence, reviewing title and operating agreements and gas purchase contracts.
Managing land assets and leases can be complex and time-consuming. Valor's land management services help you efficiently track and maintain your land assets and lease obligations, handle lease payments, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our experts use advanced technology tools to simplify land management processes and minimize risks.
Our team has also assisted with special or one-time projects for our clients. For example, we have conducted title due diligence, run statement reviews and analysis and completed document digitization projects for clients.

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