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Valor exists to bring peace of mind to owners of mineral rights and oil and gas assets. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with additional offices in Abilene, Texas and Midland, Texas, Valor is a comprehensive mineral rights specialty asset management, business process outsourcing, advisory and mineral management consulting company. We are a team of multi-generational oil and gas professionals and industry leaders who leverage proprietary software, mineral.tech®, to provide security, clarity and revenue optimization for our clients.

Valor was created to provide a unique approach to mineral rights management services. Our team combines their outstanding industry expertise and relationships to provide the best possible mineral management service to our clients. We have experience in specialized disciplines including oil and gas law, oil and gas accounting, operations and management, mineral investment and acquisitions and divestiture. Valor focuses on sound strategy and good governance, we believe in long-term sustainability. Mineral rights are long-term assets that often are owned for many generations in the same family. Proper care and good decision making are important in the mineral management process. For more information please visit our ESG page.

Our partners have collectively managed hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of oil and gas interests for over than 1,000 owners. We currently manage over 135,000 interests that generate over $2500 million in annual revenue for our clients. At Valor, we serve a range of banks, individuals, families, partnerships, trusts, non-profits, universities, institutions, investment funds and family offices with assets covering 32 states.

Valor is a mineral rights service company that employs the use of its proprietary state-of-the-art software, mineral.tech®, to enable it to efficiently and effectively manage mineral rights with the best mineral ownership report software on the market. Valor offers comprehensive mineral management services that can be customized for your particular needs. Please visit the Valor Toolkit™ to learn more about the variety of mineral rights services that Valor has to offer. See our advisors page to learn more about our Valor Advisors

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