Mineral Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

No. We do not want to buy your mineral rights. We are a professional services firm that provides a better way to manage mineral rights to oil and gas royalty owners. We help mineral rights and royalty owners better understand what they own and if they are being paid correctly on it.

We provide many mineral management services, including the following:

  • Ownership verification
  • Streamlined accounting services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Payment verification
  • Suspended funds recovery
  • Document digitization and management
  • Mapping and revenue visualization
  • Lease negotiation and enforcement

You may not be paid correctly for your royalties per the terms of your lease agreement with an operator. Our industry experts can examine your agreement to ensure that you are being paid correctly.

You may have revenue that is being held “in suspense” for something as simple as an invalid mailing address or more complex like questionable title. We can assist you in identifying if you have suspended funds and guide you on the next steps to recover your money. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of our clients.

Title issues can arise when you get ready to lease, sell or receive royalties. There can be defects in chains of title that will disrupt your revenue flow and our certified mineral managers can help with straightening out the issues.

You can pick and choose which services you need from us, including one-time projects like title verification. You can view some of the services we provide by accessing the Valor Toolkit™

We charge an hourly rate, much like a law or accounting services firm, depending upon the service we provide. We believe that you should know exactly what you are spending your money on. We can provide an estimate based upon the information you provide to us.

A spreadsheet is static in the information it provides you and it relies on you to continuously update the information. We can enter all of the information into our software, mineral.tech®, map your interests and provide data in real-time on your interests like past and current revenue and permits around your mineral holdings.

Valor is a team of certified professionals composed of multi-generation mineral owners that have worked in every area of the oil and gas business. This includes owning and managing operating and mineral companies, negotiating leases, drafting title opinions and performing accounting duties. We want to bring peace of mind to owners and ensure that their mineral rights are being actively and properly managed.

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