Mineral Management Accounting

Valor provides comprehensive mineral management accounting services for energy clients, offering customized, scalable solutions with a focus on error elimination, asset management, and industry-specific expertise.

Accounting Integrated with Land

Valor's accounting team provides services that eliminate errors and meet timely reporting requirements. Our accounting team conducts frequent data reviews to catch data impurities, missing and incorrect payments, as well as 1099 validation and property tax reviews. We continuously monitor timing requirements for filing notices to protect dormant minerals, where applicable. We provide robust reporting and analytics so that you can accurately analyze your ROI on your assets.

Valor's Mineral Management Accounting Team

The secret to Valor’s success is our dedicated focus on serving energy clients and equipping our company to best address the comprehensive needs that they may encounter. Valor’s team is comprised of:

  1. CPA's (Public accounting)
  2. Career landmen (in-house and field experience)
  3. Experienced division order staff
  4. Project management experts
  5. Former trust officers and bankers

Valor’s Mineral Management Sccounting Solutions

We work with clients who desire the full or a-la-carte service offerings that only Valor can provide. Our goal is to free up our client's time and not have them spend countless hours worrying about their royalty payments and the day-to-day nuances of oil and gas accounting. Our mineral management accounting services include:

  1. Data processing & maintenance
  2. Digital document management
  3. mineral.tech® proprietary software access
  4. Financial reporting
  5. 24/7 access to asset reporting
  6. Joint interest billing (JIB)
  7. Division order processing & analysis
  8. Contract analysis
  9. Property tax audit
  10. 1099 review
  11. Reconciliation of unpaid royalties
  12. Asset preparation for the next generation
  13. Custom solutions to fit your needs
These services are tailored to help businesses navigate the complexities of lease agreements and maximize their investment returns.

Benefits of partnering with Valor for your Accounting Needs

  1. Customized Services: We provide an agile workforce that offers flexibility with full and a-la-carte services to ensure our solutions meet your specific needs and budget.
  2. Scalability: As your business grows and fluctuates, Valor’s mineral management accounting team can easily adjust to handle increased or decreased accounting demands without the need for you to alter your internal staffing.
  3. Time efficiency: Outsourcing your oil and gas accounting frees up time for your team to focus on core business activities rather than managing complex accounting tasks.
  4. mineral.tech® proprietary software: All oil and gas accounting is cross-checked against production data within our software system. Our proprietary mineral management software provides an electronic hassle-free way for clients to visualize and manage all of their mineral assets in one consolidated space. Additionally, our software is constantly being updated and optimized to ensure it evolves with our client's needs and does not become stagnant.
  5. Proactive management: We do all the work for you, from onboarding to proactively managing your assets. Unlike other companies, we handle all the day-to-day maintenance and optimizations associated with all your accounting needs.
  6. Improved financial reporting and analysis: Our oil and gas accounting team can provide detailed, accurate reporting and analysis, aiding in better financial decision-making.
  7. Expertise in industry-specific accounting: Valor’s accounting team specializes in the unique accounting needs of the mineral sector, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  8. Tax expertise: Valor can offer specialized knowledge in tax matters related to the mineral sector.
  9. Risk reduction: With experts handling your accounting, there's a heightened focus to avoid errors and non-compliance issues, which can be costly for owners of mineral assets.
  10. Estate planning & transition : We provide your inheritors with an organized inventory of assets and act as a knowledgeable source of trustworthy guidance and information on a regular basis.
  11. One trusted partner: We were founded by multi-generational oil and gas professionals & have a dynamic team with diverse expertise to meet all of your mineral management needs.

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